Princeton's WordNet (5.00 / 2 votes)Rate this definition: tender, legal tender, stamp (noun) something that can be used as an official medium of payment attendant, attender, tender (noun) New User? Tendersure Bidder's Process. This project has not only flawed the democratic process and procedures of project approval but also has technical flaws cited by various urban experts. Tendersure delivers improvements in efficiency, both from a time and money point of view, as well as offering numerous decision support tools. There were no consultations with the elected representatives (councillors) and other concerned department like traffic before the implementation of the project and hence we witness the traffic on these roads. And not all of it is Jana USP’s fault. Here’s still hoping! This will certainly encourage more folks to commute by cycle, especially those are are worried for their safety. Extremely happy to know that several roads will have dedicated cycle tracks. Prequalification allows for unqualified bidders to be weeded out and thus helps to speed up evaluation of bids since only a limited number of pre-qualified bids have to be examined.This means that only those firms pre-qualified ... A request for quotation (RFQ) is a standard business process whose purpose is to invite suppliers into a bidding process to bid on specific products or services. This project violates the Revised Master Plan 2015, few roads chosen for tender sure were to be widened (we are not for widening of roads), has this saved few elites like Bangalore Club from Land acquisition. For e.g, the much-maligned Marathahalli Bridge-Varthur Road stretch desperately needed attention. I find already that the work on St. Marks road has helped quite a bit. In-fact as a thumb rule footpaths should not be wider than a car width,.. otherwise people will park cars on the footpath,.. (shown in picture above),.. thereby blocking movement of footpath users jeopardizing their saftey, Recently (yesterday for that matter) i have driven thru vittal malaya road (where this is being executed), its more congested now than it was before.. unnecessarily wide footpath is the culprit.. this footpath issue needs to be addressed immediately…, St Marks road is a glaring example of what a footpath which is wider than need will do to traffic congestion…footpath width needs to be adjusted based on foot falls ..and not by international standards…what applies to other countries ..just will not work here. Tendersure is a web based tendering tool that takes advantage of the many benefits that digital data offers. These roads will not be considered for 2 way roads in future. Shareholders submit their shares or securities to a takeover offer. But the number of cyclists on the road is bound to increase in the next couple of years, even more so, if the city is going to have infrastructure dedicated to cyclists. So, picking and choosing roads from ACROSS the city might’ve not only helped garner public trust, but also made a bigger incremental difference. The Cobblers, street vendors who have been vending in these roads are asked to leave. More vehicles, more traffic. If the TAC is not involved, it is possible that the court may intervene.”. As the article rightly points out, the project has completely missed the fact that haphazard driving is a behavior issue. The traffic police are working with the executing agency on work plans for Nrupatunga Road. Tendersure system is a web based tendering tool that takes advantage of the many benefits that digital data offers. No mention of any of this so far. Tendersure system allows bidders to register and select tender categories for alerts. Has there been any study on density of pedestrians on these roads before deciding the width of the foot paths? This reforms initiative was officially launched with its first completed project in Bangalore. These roads are comparatively in good condition when compared to the other areas in Bangalore which do not have proper roads. On plans to reduce footpath width V Ravichander, Urban Planning Expert, has been quoted saying, “It would be disastrous to reduce the size of footpaths under the Tender SURE projects. Learn more. Despite the parameters for the Tender SURE project being cleared by a High Court-appointed Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), there has been criticism from road users and elected representatives alike, who are accustomed to have roads widened to make way for motorised traffic. English Language Learners Definition of tinder : dry material (such as wood or grass) that burns easily and can be used to start a fire See the full definition for tinder in the English Language … " The Next Generation of eProcurement ", Changing the world, one tender at a time. Policyholders and insurers frequently speak of “tendering” a claim. Swati Ramanathan, co-founder of JUSP, has maintained that the current roads will see three times the expenditure over a 10-year-period, than Tender SURE roads. “our motorists are given to driving and riding in a haphazard manner. Bids must be submitted within a finite deadline. RFQ also means Invitation For Bid. According to Jana Urban Space Foundation (JUSP) that is spearheading the project, Tender SURE. Insurers in particular speak as if “tendering a claim” is some sort of magical incantation that must be stated in exactly the right words in order to be effective. A tender is an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer such as a takeover bid. A tender may be of money or of specific articles; these will be separately considered. is the right solution.. as it has eased traffic movement,. Cities like Singapore and London levy congestion fee on motorists, and focus on motor lane reduction. Pic: Josephine Joseph. The reduction is a technical matter and has to be supported by a study. See more. Bids are sealed and can only be viewed by authorised parties cutting down on project time, tender period and reducing risk and cost. We need place for people to walk first and for the cars later. Smaller boats may also have tenders, usually called dinghies. Hence, the size of the footpaths will be reduced to decongest bottlenecks in various parts of CBD.” By reducing the width of the footpath, it is kicking pedestrians out of the whole project. Easily crushed or bruised; fragile: a tender petal. For instance. Most importantly, one of the aims of the project is De-incentivising private transport. Tenure Definition . Instead of Tender SURE roads, they should be called BBMP Roads. provided space for parking and improved pedestrian safety. Nikhil Ram Mohan, Co-founder, Crankmeister Bike Works. Bids are sealed and can only be viewed by authorised parties cutting down on project time, tender period and reducing risk and cost. What then would be the impact of short-term fixes on design, traffic and cost? Tender SURE has included “practical considerations for user behaviour change” in their plans. 1.5 metres should hold up now, maybe even for the next five years. The government should understand that pedestrians represent a bigger vote bank than motorists. Its a vicious circle – if its difficult for pedestrians to walk, more people will use their vehicles. WELCOME TO Tendersure M.P. V Ravichander, Urban Planning Expert & R K Misra, Member, BBMP’s Technical Advisory Committee are definitely lacking in understanding of the traffic realities and are absolutely wrong in their objections against reducing footpath width,. The logical sequence of events should’ve been: Increase road density (peripheral and arterial) -> increase bus fleet -> enhance last-mile connectivity -> claim (rightfully) that public transport facilities are world-class -> build TenderSURE roads.