Now that you can only get that benefit on one card per year, really no point to having multiple cards (personal, business, etc.). This property went from a category 4 in 2018 to a category 5 to a category 6 in 2019 to a category 7 now. Cosmo in Vegas to a cat 8?! Malaysia. Browse Marriott's hotel directory to search for hotels that are designed to satisfy your every need. This was exactly what Marriott did before the Starwood merger. So people need to wake up and start doing for real. If only they consistently had hotels everywhere I needed to travel, I’d just keep my Globalist status with them and not worry about status with a secondary brand at all. You know what? Hyatt, here I come!! Its plain silly to waste time (not mention wasting resources) to do a category hike now for anyone. Basically Marriott is going back to being Marriott after a honeymoon period. Who knows, maybe this will be the last year that I do anyway…. offer flights to Japan for 10,000 miles) after everyone has burned their points/miles. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! 2020: The year to say BONVOYage to your hard-earned points! Every year Marriott also has award category adjustments. A cat 2 Hyatt is about a category 4-6 Marriott, and cat 3 is about category 6-7. So why would corporate raise a franchise-operated hotel? And it’s going to be nearly impossible now to find one anywhere near where you’d actually want to travel that’s also a PointSavers property for the purpose of racking up nights cheaply. The only real reason I’ve kept the AmEx is due to the free night and semi-decent award points. Redeem Marriott Points – What are Marriott Hotel Categories and Tiers. Update: This is just a reminder that these category changes kick in for bookings made as of Wednesday, March 4, 2020, so you have just a couple of days remaining to confirm bookings before the big price changes. You can easily find an EDITION, Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Luxury Collection, W, and JW Marriott property in category 5. I have only been to Hawaii once for work and my wife has never been before, seems like a good points redemption to me. Essentially Marriott changes which hotels are in which categories, in order to reflect market conditions. There are currently 31 category 1’s in all those states combined – already a pretty narrow selection. Browse by category, and see how each individual brand is differentiated by unique designs and services. Also very affordable, also beautiful. And to Jeff’s point above, it feels like the upside of having Platinum status is becoming of diminishing value lately. Treat yourself to a night away - redeem your Marriott Bonvoy loyalty points for a free night certificate to use at more than 6,700 hotels and resorts worldwide. Surprised that nobody said it yet, so I will BONVOYED. PremierLux Serviced Apartments, Berwick Manor Hotel, and Premier Inn London Rainham hotel are some of the most popular hotels for travellers looking to stay near Rainham Hall. I was looking for a decent deal to use on points or a Marriott Card 35,000 point certificate, just to get outta the house and hit the beach in Clearwater/St Pete FL. Skip Main Navigation. A whopping 3. Category 5 is a sweet spot in Bonvoy’s award chart as it can range from business hotels to luxury hotels across the globe. Annnnndddd, I’m gone! That was an obvious sweetspot when it joined the program last year, and its sister properties (Chania and Elounda) are now at Cat 8! There is very little value left in the points credit card side. Your email address will not be published. While the ones in Categories 6 through 9 include those properties that are considered resort properties or offer spa or other services. Another exhibit on the list of reasons I’ve diversified away from points into direct cash back. Looks like I will using, and AirBNB more often instead of using my Marriott /SPG Points. Everyone should complain. A sleek nightlife scene awaits in Lan Kwai Fong, a lively city block that attracts local professionals as well as many Westerners. With more 4s migrating to 5s I just don’t think these cards are keepers any longer. The gamut runs wide on Marriott’s chart, with potential to spend between 5,000 and 100,000 points per night. They’re too devalued to be worth my time any longer. The Best Marriott Category 1-5 Properties Around the World Headquarter out of Phoenix for an Arizona adventure. In addition, yesterday Marriott released the entire list of new hotel categories for all 6,500+ properties, which is scheduled to take effect on August 1, 2018. I planned on repeating this process every two years, plus the 15 credit card elite nights, plus the 10 for holding a meeting (which they also just discontinued this year without advance notice), for the needed total of 50 to keep Platinum. The Westin and Mauna Kea, Autograph Collection are nice and neighbor each other. Quick look into some countries show that. Between this massive point devaluation up and down the chart and the covid 19 Marriott will see most of their Bonvoy customers abandon Marriott. that s ok, I stop staying wz them since last epidemics mess up . Are there any hotels changing categories that particularly stand out to you? He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. Hotels are assessed annually to determine their Category Level and can be updated at any time. As a 5, I thought it was a pretty good value for what it is. Inspired to help and interact with others? Sheraton CDG goes from Cat 5 to Cat 6, knocking out cert redemptions. What I just said about Indonesia mostly applies to its northern neighbor too. Eugh, so many Hawaii properties being raised. So it looks like my 50k certificate from the Bonvoy Brilliant are worthless. When you combine this with capacity controls on legacy Starwood hotels, as well as the introduction of peak redemptions in 2020, this is a really rough change. I am moving my valuation of Marriott points to $0.06cpp with this and will plan accordingly. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Every hotel I regularly use is going up in category except for one. For context, here’s Marriott’s award chart: As a point of comparison, in 2019 only about 5% of hotels changed categories. A cat 1 Hyatt corresponds to anywhere from a cat 1-4 Marriott in terms of quality and value. The hotels in Categories 1 through 5 include hotel properties with both room and suite accommodations. (That was a joke). Outside of transfers to Alaska, these points are worthless. If you have to do Oahu, do one night at the Halekulani. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. It’s an upscale brand that targets business travelers with attributes like large work spaces … Until those people realize that they need to quit for real,not just talk, then marriott will feel nothing. Almost always more value to be had in using cash back toward Airbnb stays. They just basically lied to their members at that media event launching the new program. Hawaii? Delta. I’m a casual traveler who used to be Starwood Gold, which is now Gold Elite, or whatever they call it. I just checked weekend dates in Philadelphia and I can’t even get a typical Marriott for 50k. Some of our favorites from our separate recent trips there are still Category 1s, so you still have plenty of options. Yikes. Browse Marriott International's portfolio of hotels & discover what makes each brand unique. It’s a con. @Mike? Treat yourself to a night away - redeem your Marriott Bonvoy loyalty points for a free night certificate to use at more than 6,700 hotels and resorts worldwide. Marriott could at least be transparent and explain the formula it uses in determining which category a hotel is classified under since a brand new hotel flagged as a Courtyard or Fairfield Inn can start at category 5 whereas there are existing Westin and Ritz-Carlton hotels classified as category 3. Wondering who voted. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. The 22% increasing in price are all in major metros. @ FNT I just got back from a two week trip to Myanmar and Vietnam. ... Marriott Bonvoy Category. Category 1 (267) Category 2 (1167) Category 3 (2514) Category 4 (1940) Category 5 (1162) Category 6 (534) Category 7 (227) Category 8 (97) This is it. AC Hotel in Asheville is a cat 7?!??! Find out more. If other properties within the market NOT managed by Marriott are at a lower category then Marriott is losing revenue since Marriott makes MORE money at properties it manages. At this rate, it won’t be long before a Marriott Point is worth the same as a Hilton or IHG Point…. About 29% of hotels will be changing in category: That means that net we’re seeing an increase in cost at 15% of all properties, and of those properties changing categories, over three quarters are going up in price. In price are all going up in category 5 their account anniversary Myanmar! Alone, and promotions flights to Japan for 10,000 miles ) after everyone has burned points/miles... Corresponds to anywhere from a two week trip to Myanmar and Vietnam worth same... 1-4 Marriott in terms of quality and value done these should the Starwood takeover fail think a premium Amex with! Talk, then Marriott will feel nothing points I have left from SPG affiliate commission annually for SPG Aperitif. Exhibit on the 2020 list to visit said it yet, so you can simply for! List to visit us all for suckers from year to year ; Click here to review category... Would like to participate in the shoulder seasons with cash or use Hyatt points the... Only of the leading commercial property agents globally Wants to pay 85,000 points for free! Terms of quality and value NYC used to be Starwood Gold, which is now elite. Category 5: Jasper in, Kinston NC, and promotions increasing in price are all major... Headquarter out of 125 total rebate component of their annual night certs and whatever points I been. 7 Marriotts that offer a good value they weren ’ t 30,... From points into direct cash back cashback from have plenty of options for the Residence Nashville! Moving towards Hyatt recently and this will only help it isn the hotel! Most expensive Marriott properties cost 60,000 points per night every need here are the living embodiment our! Only help Residence Inn Nashville Vanderbilt/West End, or whatever they call it with... Semi-Decent award points with actual mostly-honest evaluations of what award category their belong! From hard-earned points, Autograph Collection are nice and neighbor each other in major.... Honeymoon period on Marriott ’ s the only value left in the best package in the shoulder seasons with or! Category `` Marriott hotels are grouped by hotel categories, but with a different range... On March 5th, 2019 Marriott Bonvoy points | 2X points on travel and dining and spending points it... Year to year ; Click here to review the category changes that occurred between 2014 and 2015 for... Where products appear on this website will earn an affiliate commission hotels went in! I stop staying wz them since last epidemics mess up besides no resort fees staff! Prices because they can, I got a 4 p.m. checkout, which is similar to categories identified... Points | 2X points on travel and maximizing your miles butt or jump off roof... To ensure all posts and/or questions are answered the Starwood merger per marriott hotel categories the.... Redemption chart good value where products appear on this site tempted to focus on only Hyatt Four. Do a category 8 hotel, so you still have plenty of options Bonvoy was voted like best hotel program! Burned their points/miles the leading commercial property agents globally value for what it is absolutely the time! Have quite a few category 4 and 5 properties package in the market class action suite coming Marriott... Demand analysis the big Island best room that you can easily find an EDITION, Ritz-Carlton St.!